Commands to help build and maintain a gollum wiki.


The easiest way to install bilbo us to use pip:

pip install bilbo

Or you can clone the github repo and install from a local version of the code:

git clone
cd bilbo
python install

To upgrade to the latest version of bilbo use the command:

pip install bilbo --upgrade


If you want to tinker with the code, then install in development mode. This means you can modify the code from your cloned repo:

git clone
cd bilbo
python develop

Pull requests are welcomed!


Please report any issues here.


bilbo template [-s <pathToSettingsFile>]
bilbo tasks [-s <pathToSettingsFile>]
bilbo tidy [-s <pathToSettingsFile>]
bilbo scaffold [-s <pathToSettingsFile>]

template              populate the wiki with template content and cleanup file names
tasks                 add projects from wikis to taskpaper files to keep track of project tasks
tidy                  tidy up the gollum wiki, updating lists, sidebars, footer, headers, cleaning filenames and md metadata
scaffold              add and maintain sidebars, footers, headers and various listing pages in a gollum wiki
-h, --help            show this help message
-s, --settings        the settings file


Documentation for bilbo is hosted by Read the Docs (last stable version and latest version).